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  • Acrylic LED Back Lower Wing

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    Light up the rear area of the Slingshot with an LED wing. Acrylic material with thickness of approximately 3/8″.  Also available in frosted acrylic for a more intense LED reflection.  License plate relocation is required. Hardware and LED controller included.

  • Acrylic LED Body Kit (set of 4)

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    This Acrylic LED Body Kit includes the front splitter, side skirts (set of 2) and lower back wing.  It also includes the LED controller, LED wiring, inline fuse holder, fuse, hardware and LED strips.

  • Acrylic LED Fender Splitter (set of 2)

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    Light up your fender with the Clear acrylic LED fender splitter.  It is approximately 1/4″ thick and lit up with LED light. Attaches to the bottom of the front side of the fender.  The Acrylic LED Fender Splitter is a set of 2.  It includes the LED controller, LED wiring, and hardware.

  • Acrylic LED Front Splitter

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    Add slick lighting underneath the front bumper with our Acrylic LED front splitter made out of acrylic of approximately 3/8″.  An addressable (Chaser) LED light is adhered to the back of the splitter which not only illuminates the splitter, but also creates a front underglow!  The acrylic front splitter is available in a clear acrylic or frosted acrylic for a more dramatic spectrum of color!

  • Acrylic LED Side Skirts (set of 2)

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    Add width to your Slingshot with a set of Acrylic LED Side Skirts; one for the driver’s side and one for the passenger’s side. The side skirts are made out of clear acrylic approximately 3/8″.  Kit includes LED Controller, LED wiring, inline fuse, and two (2) LED strips.