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  • Color Acrylic Vent Hood

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    Accent your OEM vent hood by placing a color acrylic piece on top. The Acrylic Vent Hood displays the Slingshot logo and the word “SLINGSHOT”. Custom options available. Send your inquiry to

  • LED Acrylic Side Sills

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    The LED Acrylic Side Sill is a set of 2, approximately 3/8″ thick and about 27.5″ long. The word “SLINGSHOT” is cut out on the black ABS cover to allow the chaser lighting to be seen through the letters. The chaser lights also shines thru the acrylic outer edge for maximum lighting. It is installed on the side entry panel of the Polaris Slingshot with two screws. Controller, in line fuse, fuse, LED, wiring and switch included. Customization available at an additional cost. Up to 9 letters. For custom images, please call us or email the information to

  • LED Back Lower Panel Accents (Set of 2)

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    The LED Back Lower Panel Accents is set of 2, one for the driver side and one for the passenger side. It is black ABS with the Polaris logo cut out. The Polaris logo is highlighted with color acrylic for added style in the daytime. Select the acrylic color for the logo below. Day or night, run the chaser LEDs to enhance the back area of the Polaris Slingshot. To purchase the accents in color acrylic (instead of black), simply add a note at checkout stating the color of the acrylic desired. LED controller, LED wiring, in-line fuse holder and switch included. Customization available at an additional cost. Send customization details to

  • LED Sling Badge

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    The LED Sling Badge with chaser LEDs that light up not only the inside of the badge but also the outside. It’s 5.5″x5″x5/8″ and sits on the front-end of the Polaris Hood. It is available in a variety of colors.  Customization available. LED controller and LED wiring included.

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    Wing Brake Light Accent Piece

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    This acrylic trim with the word SLINGSHOT is placed on the 3rd Brake Light to accent and add color to the rear deck area.  It sticks on with double-faced tape. Customize it for an additional charge by requesting a name (up to 9 letters).