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  • Acrylic LED Side Skirts (set of 2)

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    Set of two side skirts; one for the driver’s side and one for the passenger’s side. The side skirts are made out of clear acrylic approximately 3/8″ with an LED light.

  • Acrylic LED Vent Hood

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    The Acrylic LED Vent Hood has an LED light embedded in the acrylic vent hood with a black ABS cover displaying the word Slingshot. Add a custom name or image at an additional cost.



  • Acrylic Side Sills

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    Accent the entryway of your Polaris Slingshot with a Color Acrylic Side Sill with the word Slingshot. Custom names are available at an extra cost, up to nine (9) letters.

  • Color Acrylic Inner Center Grille

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    Add color to the front of your Slingshot with our Color Acrylic Inner Center Grille. Available in multiple designs with or without the word Slingshot or Polaris logo. Custom name or image available at an extra cost. Up to characters including image.

  • Color Acrylic Vent Hood

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    Accent your OEM vent hood by placing a color acrylic vent hood piece on top. The Acrylic Vent Hood displays the Slingshot logo and the word “SLINGSHOT”